Saying “I’m Sorry” when someone is grieving


By Allyson England Drake, M.Ed, CT
Founder/Executive Director

Many times, individuals don’t feel comfortable with what is appropriate to say to someone who is grieving the death of someone significant.  Is saying “I am sorry” sufficient or appear heart-felt? Is a Facebook message or post enough to express sympathy? If I bring up the person’s name who died, will I make the bereaved feel even more sad?  What if I say the wrong thing and hurt his/her feelings?

I believe this New York Times article does an excellent job of outlining what to say or do to let a friend, co-worker, neighbor, or family member know you are thinking of them and are sorry for their loss. The author discusses the etiquette of expressing sympathy digitally or over social media as well as the importance of offering concrete ways to help and sharing memories of the person who died.

Click here for article.

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