Individual Counseling Services

** We are taking NEW Telehealth clients at this time and accept most insurance.**

In light of COVID-19, our licensed therapists currently are offering Telehealth counseling through interactive video conferencing in the comfort of your own home.

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Full Circle, Richmond’s Most Comprehensive Grief Resource Center, is responding to the growing needs in our community by adding Individual Counseling services.  Expanding our services to include one-on-one, couple, and family counseling grows our reach of support and ensures that children and adults have a spectrum of grief support.

Grief counseling can help individuals:

  • Understand the grief and loss process more deeply and recognize that the feelings experienced are normal and natural.
  • Work through the process of grieving and the feelings of loss in a safe environment.
  • Identify the ways that life has changed and challenges experienced since the death.
  • Recognize specific parts in life where coping is difficult.
  • Identify strategies and behaviors to help one cope and re-engage in daily tasks.
  • Find comfort in positive memories without being overcome by a sense of loss.

As an organization we:

  • Strive to provide those who are grieving with a personalized approach to grief support. 
  • Work to understand a person’s current needs, offering space and a place of acceptance to work through these needs.
  • Utilize our extensive knowledge of grief and loss to help individuals move forward in their grief journey and learn to understand and accept a “new normal”.

We believe individual counseling can be a complementary service to our groups, but it may be the preferred choice instead of group work. Click below to view our staff biographies and learn more about these professionals.