About Full Circle

Full Circle’s mission is to provide comprehensive, professional grief support for children, families, and communities. All of our programs utilize various forms of creative expression for children and adults to work through their feelings and find ways to memorialize their loved one’s life.

Full Circle offers support services at no charge to families. Please contact us if you need grief support services for you or your family.

The Full Circle Approach:

Full Circle was established as a comprehensive grief resource center for children and their families to find a variety of creative ways to express their grief, such as art, writing, play, crafting, photography, and music.

Often, children do not have the language or communication skills to explain how they are feelings when experiencing grief. Creative arts help children convey their feelings of loss and explore their thoughts and beliefs. Also, because violent or traumatic experiences regularly get recorded in the mind as images or pictures, art can help children recount details of a traumatic loss more effectively than just talking.

We believe in:

  • the power of the group process
  • the benefits of creative expression
  • the importance of groups being facilitated by experienced, licensed professionals
  • the need to assist the entire family, not just the child
  • the importance of providing grief support to all individuals, regardless of their ability to pay