Derrik L. Hall

Sunset Tree

Derrik was a loving friend that was always willing to help someone else. He was my first boyfriend and let him tell it my last. He called me the night he died but it didn’t ring. The one time in fourteen years I should’ve heard the phone it didn’t ring. I’ve never loved someone so much and I was left feeling like those years didn’t happen. We weren’t together when he died so at his funeral I was just another spectator of people that loved and loss.
Our first date was with his family to see Christmas lights on a charter bus their family owned. Talk about intitmidating for a seventeen year old. His grandfather was the most upfront and honest man. He was welcomed into my family and I in his. Derrik I miss you everyday to the point of tears some days or happy moments just from your memory.
I thank God every day I had a chance to know what true love was. It may not have been perfect but our bond was something that can never be replaced. Derrik Hall was a man that wanted the best out of life and kept trying to find his way.

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