Garrett Lewis Brinegar

GGarrett’s life was cut way to short but in his 21 years, he lived a lot! He was an avid outdoorsman who was an Eagle Scout. He thoroughly enjoyed camping, hiking, rafting, shooting. His PASSION was football from grade 6-12 at Pocahontas M.S. and Godwin H.S. In his junior year of H.S. he discovered Lacrosse. He was a hard player admired by his teammates. Just days before his death in his senior year of college, he had passed all the physical tests to become a firefighter in Chesapeake, VA where he lived with his older brother, Patrick, and their new dog, Jasper. Garrett’s death has affected so many people.

Yet another night I lay in bed
Sleep splintered with thoughts of you racing through my head
Startled awake
I suddenly remember you are gone, no longer here
I agonize what could have gone so wrong
My heart aches, the tears flow
I look for you in the night skies, soaring birds, fluttering butterflies
I listen for you in the gentle breeze, rustling of the trees
Remembering your gentle way, beautiful smile, and love of nature
But where oh where you are
I pray you are at rest and have found peace my son.
Loving and missing you,

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