Layne Iffert

imageLayne loved to surf play basketball and hang out with his friends. He was the best son a mother could ask for. He will forever be in my heart and those all those that knew him. He was studying fashion marketing at the art institute and working for both Nike & the Mac store when he died. He was 21. My sweet boy. I love you to the moon and back. Sweet dreams jellybean.

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  • Heidi 04.05.2014

    Layne is loved and missed by so many people. Truly makes your realize how precious life is. Lots of love to everyone feeling this or any loss!

  • Never forgotten. Thank you for your gift to this world.

  • I miss you so much. You where and still are my everything. I love you

  • Layne was always the kid I used as an example when talking about a “really great kid”. His smile was always genuine and would light up a room. Even with the age difference between him and my son he was patient and sweet to Brendon. A truly amazing young man that I regret not seeing more of. I think of him often and the love he brought to his parents. Layne will always be “that great kid” I know.

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