Matthew Patrick Geary

Matt G

This is my brother Matt. He mattered to me. He mattered to many. But for a moment he forgot or lost sight or was in too much pain to notice that he mattered. He let others, circumstance, and depression define how he mattered in the world. Please don’t ever make that same permanent decision. Life gets better every day even though it feels at times that it won’t. Matt mattered and so do you. xo

How did he matter?
Matt loved people, his family and his friends – that is really enough but he also loved to laugh and listen to music. He loved to eat. Some of his favorite foods were flank steak and my mom’s potatoes and mushrooms. He would put blue cheese dressing on anything. He loved iced tea and Starbucks. He loved Reece’s peanut butter cups. He never met a stranger. He loved golf, baseball, his hometown, his state, and his country. He loved his community and law enforcement. He had a diverse group of friends which is a testament to who he was.

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  • Elaine 07.15.2014

    Such a great post about your brother…thanks for sharing, Shannon!

  • Thank you to all of the Try to Matter friends that walked in honor and memory of Matt and or their owned loved ones. Try to Matter and Matthew Patrick Geary Trust was honored to be a sponsor of this wonderful memorial event by Full Circle. It is so important to take time to remember.

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