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Creative expression is weaved into all of our programs at Full Circle. Our “Hands On Healing” approach allows children and families to use creative arts to assist them in experiencing their grief and working through their feelings. Art, writing, music, crafts, scrapbooking, photography, movement, play, and other hands on activities are used to enhance communication, express feelings, and release stress and anxiety.

Our goal is to create a compassionate place where families feel comfortable, find on-going support and resources, share their experiences, and begin healing. Each family member’s needs are unique and we offer a wide-ranging circle of options for expressing grief. We do not attempt to fit families into a “one size fits all” program. We look at the individuals that make up a family and decide which part of the circle would best meet their needs. Grief work takes place on an individual’s time table, not ours.

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Grief Counseling Programs


Adult and Family Counseling Groups

Peer grief counseling groups with a focus on creative outlets will be offered for individuals who have experienced the loss of a parent, sibling, primary caregiver, close friend, or someone significant to them. Concurrent sessions also will be offered for the parents or caregivers of children attending the counseling groups. Led by a licensed counselor, the groups are offered on an 8 week cycle. Each group consists of a 20 minute family activity and 50 minute peer groups. These groups are formed based on age, and are a combination of structured time – such as discussion, whole group exercises and art activities – and unstructured self-guided activities – such as crafts, drawing, painting, journaling, movement, or play. The counselors work to help the group members to identify feelings, develop ways to deal with the loss and establish effective coping strategies and communication skills.

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Community Outreach – School & Partnership Groups

We have created partnerships with community organizations and local schools to run our “Hands On Healing” groups at their facility. The goal is to join our efforts to support grieving children and adults who may not otherwise have access to grief support services. The groups are made up of discussion, age-appropriate art/play, and remembrance activities to help the children process what they feel and the loss they have experienced.

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Education Programs


Bereavement Resource Manual

An educational tool created by professionals at Full Circle to educate families and those who support them about the grieving process as well as a comprehensive list of support services available in our community.

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Grief Resource Library

The memorial library houses books, grief journals, and other resources related to bereavement and the care of the grieving. The library can be used by anyone associated with Full Circle and books can be checked out for a specified period of time. In addition, individuals can donate books to the library “in memory of” their loved one.

“Conversations About Grief “series

Our “Conversations About Grief” meetings teach ways children grieve differently than adults, signs of normal vs. complicated grief, options for supporting grieving children, and resources available to help individuals dealing with a loss. We visit homes for informal gatherings, go to places of business or worship for a seminar, or speak at an organization’s meeting. Full Circle asks for a donation from the requesting organization to help offset the cost of these services.

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Remembrance Programs


Visit Full Circle’s Memory Wall to create an online memory page for your loved one.


“Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.” – From the television show The Wonder Years

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