Losing a baby is challenging for all members of the family. Grieving parents may be wondering how to discuss this loss with their other children.

The child, no matter the age, has the emotional ability to pick up on the changes that result from the loss.

But, what you say often depends on your child’s age and temperament.

And, no matter what, the child will need reassurance that they are not responsible for anything that has happened.

We believe the article below has more beneficial guidelines on how to address perinatal loss with children. Keep in mind, most children need simple, truthful and straightforward explanations. Click below to read the article.

How to Talk to Children About Miscarriage and Stillbirth

To those who are grieving while continuing to parent other children, we admire your ability to move your family forward through grief. You are resilient and brave. We honor and respect your family and children. 

Caroline Lavoie
Full Circle Grief Center
Richmond, VA
Clinical Social Work Intern