Full Circle is helping celebrate National Social Work Month in March and the beginning of a new decade with the theme “Social Workers: Generations Strong.” Each week during the month of March, we will be highlighting some of our social workers here at Full Circle.

The Social Work Month campaign is designed to inform the public, policymakers and legislators about the way the nation’s more than 700,000 social workers each day meet people where they are and help them live to their fullest potential. It will also look at the way social workers from every generation – from the Silent Generation to Generation Z – are shaping our society for the better. 

Social workers have been doing their heroic work for generations. Social work is one of the fastest growing professions in the United States, with the number of people employed in social work to grow by 11 percent over the next decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

As we enter the 2020s this is a great time to look back at the tremendous contributions social workers have had in improving the quality of life in our nation on the individual, family, community and national level. It is also time to recognize that there is a new generation of social workers coming to the fore who are already making a positive mark on our society. 

Here at Full Circle Grief Center, we are proud to recognize and honor all of our social workers who give so much of their time, energy and compassion to the wonderful work they continue to do right here in the Richmond community.