Full Circle is so grateful for all of our participants and supporters as we wade through unchartered waters with COVID-19.

Our community has brought Full Circle through adversity in the past and we know that we can count on you in the future. What we have learned from our 12 years of experience serving grieving families in RVA, is that the power of holding a safe space for difficult experiences and feelings can bring about unique transformation.

We remain active and in contact with our participants through various virtual platforms, although our physical center was closed last week. We’re staying flexible in meeting the needs of our clients who are not only often isolated in their grief but also isolated in these current uncertain times of COVID-19.

Here is just a brief look behind-the-scenes at ways our Full Circle staff are continuing to support our community in this time of need.

Individual Counseling

Last week three of our therapists successfully held 13 Tele-mental Health appointments using interactive video monitoring, and scheduled several more for the following week.

They also provided:

  • Clinical consultations and information sharing with therapists as they met virtually with active clients
  • Continued research on how social isolation/social distancing during this pandemic time intensifies grief and pre-existing mental health conditions
  • Shared available grief resources to those in our community who are seeking support in this uncertain time either for themselves, their families, or their clients

Family Bereavement

  • Created a resource to share with Hands on Healing (HOH) families to provide helpful hints and a collection of resources
  • Completed phone assessments for group members who will be participating in a future HOH groups
  • Compiled materials for our Conversations About Grief Program

Overdose Loss

  • Researched, gathered, and shared articles and strategies with leaders and therapists on supporting adults, children, and families, with the impact of this crisis as it relates to coping and grieving
  • Met with Overdose Loss Group (OLG) members via Zoom video-conferencing and provided extended consultations to community members
  • Explored new strategies for engaging and supporting group members via this new format

Perinatal Loss

  • Reached out to individuals who had previously inquired about our Spring Perinatal Loss Group to check-in on them and offer support
  • Communicated with the VCU Chaplain about services Full Circle is offering at this time
  • Contacted and talked with group members from our winter Perinatal Loss Group to check in and offer support

Suicide Loss

  • Shared resources with new clients interested in SLG, highlighting virtual opportunities for support during our physical office closure
  • Collaborated with a colleague to find resources appropriate for a child needing additional support
  • Held SLG via Zoom Wednesday evening so members could continue their progress on their grief journey

Our Full Circle staff is working remotely and can speak with you via phone or email so don’t hesitate to contact us. Let us know how we can support you during this difficult time.

And remember, Full Circle depends on donations from individuals to continue delivering comprehensive grief support and counseling. If you are able, please consider a donation so we can continue providing much-needed services to our community during this challenging time.