The National Association of Social Workers held their 2020 Annual Conference last week. Due to COVID-19, the conference moved from an in-person meeting to a virtual conference.

Full Circle was represented by Executive Director, Allyson Drake and our Clinical Social Work Intern, Caroline Lavoie, MSW student at VCU.

Thursday’s session was a presentation on “Supporting Grief and Loss Through Creative Expression.” There were over 60 professionals who participated in the presentation.

Full Circle provided education about grief terminology and the grief experience, protective factors in grief, how grief impacts families and children, and taught some creative expression interventions to use for children, adolescents and adults.

Our goals at Full Circle are to help grieving individuals:

  • Strengthen Family through Grief: increase communication between family members to strengthen family ties so they can support each other during grieving
  • Learn Coping Skills: identify healthy ways to deal with traumatic events and their long grief journey
  • Reduce Isolation: build support networks within and outside of the family
  • Heal through Creative Expression: use creative expression to strengthen communication and process feelings

Our staff and counselors continue working hard as our physical center is closed, to provide the necessary support and resources to assist our community. If you would like more information on our virtual counseling sessions, please contact