This month, our Staff Spotlight is on Maryse Eubank, Suicide Bereavement Services Manager. 

What makes Full Circle unique?

Full Circle Grief Center is unique in that we offer individuals and families a place to process their grief with others in a safe and financially nonrestrictive environment. 

Our groups are planned with great care to offer the best support a participant can receive through collaboration between the group leader and the services manager.

Each group participant is supported in the most comprehensive way through an individual meeting prior to the group, support throughout the group and follow-up care afterwards.

Share a Memorable Experience.

I have had several group members that have continued to seek support through participation in multiple groups.  It has been wonderful continuing a relationship with a group participant over several years and seeing their growth as they move forward on their grief journey.

Where is your favorite place to be?

My mother is from Quebec, Canada, and we have a small lake house up there in the Laurentian Mountains.  I spent my childhood summers there, and I consider it my “home”.  It is so quiet there that sometimes you can hear a conversation taking place on the other side of the lake.  The sense of peace that comes along with being there reminds me of my roots and what is most important to me.  

Thank you to Maryse Eubank for her hard work in our Suicide Bereavement Program here at Full Circle.

Our Spring Suicide Loss Group is registering now. We also offer individual grief counseling. To learn more, contact