Welcome to Family Fridays — a series designed to give parents and children fun, meaningful activities you can do at home to explore feelings of grief and remember your loved one in unique ways.

This week, you and your child are invited to create a Family Vision Board. A vision board or what we like to call a “dream board”  is a collection of pictures that represent your hopes and goals for the future. For this activity, you will work with your family to create a dream board that reflects your vision for your family moving forward.


  • Magazines
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Drawing supplies
  • A large piece of paper (note: you can use a file folder if you don’t have a large piece of paper)


Start dreaming! What do you want your future to look like? Have everyone identify one personal goal and together as a group identify one family goal you want to achieve in the next year. Next, look through magazines and cut out images, words, or phrases that speak to you and your hopes, dreams, and goals. Arrange the images onto the paper and use markers to add color or other words or images to your vision board. 

Full Circle is committed to our community and in our continued effort to serve, adapt, and connect with our participants (past, current, and future)

We’d love to see your Family Friday activity! Please share photos on Facebook or Instagram or send your a photo of your Family Friday project to HOHgroups@fullcirclegc.org.