At Full Circle, we know that every grief journey is different. We support grieving families, we raise awareness about the grief process, and we provide a safe place throughout that process.

Grief has no time limit or schedule. We have seen COVID-19 change the world, and we have experienced collective grief over the loss of lives, jobs, and even “normalcy.” Many families also grieve the loss of loved ones without the usual care and support for healing and coping, like funerals and family gatherings. 

And that’s exactly why, as we celebrate Full Circle’s 12th anniversary, we want to spend the month of September remembering those we have lost. We will celebrate their lives, share the ways we remember them, and we’ll spend part (even if just a small, virtual part) of our grief journeys together. 

We’ll also share information about and testimonials from our programs. Even in the midst of this global pandemic, we have not stopped providing grief support services for our community.

Since March, we have: 

  • Transitioned Spring groups to Zoom 
  • Started new groups (Perinatal Loss, Suicide Loss, Overdose Loss, Pregnancy After Loss, and Children’s Loss groups) on Zoom
  • Conducted over 450 telehealth Individual Counseling appointments      
  • Connected with over 700 former clients to offer support and share resources
  • Created and shared virtual content and resources, ranging from Virtual Storytime and Family Fridays for families, to informative articles and virtual workshops 

Sadly, we have had to cancel our annual in-person fundraisers and gatherings. We have seen shifts in corporate and philanthropic funding priorities to support basic needs (like food and shelter). Although we understand and support these changes, we also know that grief care is more important than ever today.

Generous financial support from our dedicated donors makes it possible for us to creatively support our clients and community members in their greatest time of need, and so you’ll hear more about how to help this month too. Every gift ensures we can continue to provide invaluable, professional grief care for our community. Every gift, big or small, matters.

We look forward to the day we are together again—at community events, for in-person groups, or around town wearing a Full Circle t-shirt. Until then, follow along throughout the month of September for ways to support Full Circle and to learn more about the impact we have in RVA.