Holidays can often trigger powerful emotions and memories of our lost loved ones, no matter how much time has passed, whether it be a spouse, partner, significant other, family member or friend.

Valentine’s Day can be particularly difficult, as it’s a holiday that not only emphasizes romance and love but also connection and togetherness. It’s a time that can leave us feeling sad and lonely, missing someone we love.

It’s also a beautiful opportunity to celebrate your relationships and the special memories you share.

As we continue providing comprehensive, professional bereavement support to children, adults, and families, and we continue to raise funds for our ongoing grief support groups, we also want to continue giving you the opportunity to honor and remember your loved ones in unique and special ways.

Blooms of Hope is a flower bouquet filled with beautiful and unique flowers, all handmade by community members and Full Circle volunteers, that will be displayed in our center lobby to honor and remember your lost loved ones.

Each bloom is a $20 donation and will be personalized for your loved one, and 100% of those donations will directly fund our ongoing grief support groups — Perinatal Loss, Suicide Loss, Overdose Loss, Hands on Healing family groups, and our Journeying Through Grief groups — all facilitated by licensed, experienced professionals here at Full Circle.

Valentine’s Day can be painful, but it can also be a special time of remembrance and a beautiful opportunity to reflect on the love you shared with those you miss dearly.

“Where flowers bloom, so does hope.”

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