In 1993, Bonnie was an emergency room nurse at St. Mary’s and saw a tremendous gap in how victims of sexual assault and domestic violence were treated when they came to the hospital. She knew there had to be a better way to treat these patients and not further traumatize them after what had happened.

Bonnie Price started with her furthering her own education and became a certified Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, SANE. Soon after, she founded the Forensic Nursing Program at Bon Secours.

Most people do not know that Bon Secours is the only hospital with nurses trained in the collection of vital evidence that can bring justice for the crimes that have been done to them. Without Bonnie’s vision and dedication, victims in our communities would have literally nowhere to turn. 

It’s because of Bonnie and her forward thinking 26 years ago that the Bon Secours forensic nursing program exists today.

“As a Live Your Dash Committee member for 3 years and a Full Circle Board Member for 8 years, Bonnie is one of the most deserving members of this award.”

She has dedicated her entire career and her life to ensuring that those victimized by the most heinous crimes of humanity, are treated with kindness, care, and with the scientifically, highly skilled and trained hands of a nursing department determined to bring justice for them.

She and her team possess the unique ability to compartmentalize what they have seen and heard for the sake of their victims and without her work, thousands of children and adults each year would be underserved in their greatest moment of need.

“One of Chesterfield County Police Department’s operational goals is to protect the vulnerable. This goal cannot be achieved by law enforcement alone and requires partnerships with outside organizations. During the course of my 20+ year career, I have interacted with a multitude of individuals while pursuing justice for victims. One such person is Bonnie Price.

I met Bonnie as a young detective many years ago in my career and formed a working partnership towards assisting victims of sexual assaults. Since those early days, I have had the opportunity to be on workgroups with Bonnie and have sought guidance from her and the Forensic Nursing Team on policy adjustments and enhancements. Bonnie’s dedication to some of the most vulnerable individuals in the community is unmatched. Everything she does is in pursuit for what is best for victims of crime and to ensure that Law Enforcement and the private sector act seamlessly towards this pursuit.” Lieutenant Brad Conner, Chesterfield County Police Department, Criminal Investigation Division

“Bonnie truly makes a difference in the community by living her dash.”

“I met Bonnie Price 25 years ago as a new attorney wondering, ‘what is a forensic nurse?‘ Bonnie spent a few hours with me explaining her job and answering my many questions. I became her student that day and continue to be to this day.  

A lot has changed since that first meeting. I was a defense attorney then and am a prosecutor now. What hasn’t changed is Bonnie’s accessibility to those who work in the criminal justice system, which is a testament to her professionalism. She is an invaluable and generous resource for anyone who seeks her out.

As a prosecutor I’ve had the privilege of serving with Bonnie on multi-disciplinary teams and teaching alongside her on sexual assault and forensic nursing. She is passionate about educating others about and advocating for forensic nursing and nurses.” Toni Randall, Henrico County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office

“Bonnie has made our community better through her efforts. I am privileged to know her, learn from her, and call her my friend.”

Bonnie has worked so hard for nearly three decades, truly living her dash, to help the most vulnerable in our community.

Join us Thursday, April 29 as we honor Bonnie, along with more amazing community members living their dash, for our annual spring luncheon.

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