This is a beautiful remembrance activity shared by What’s Your Grief — a simple, yet meaningful way to explore the complex feelings around the loss of a loved one and a wonderful way to create a special piece to remember loved ones during the holidays.

The beauty of this activity is that it works for young kids, who may just be working on identifying feelings, all the way through teens who may enjoy creating a meaningful memorial to be part of your holiday decor. And it’s simple using simple materials you can find at your local craft store, or even at home.

Our therapists recommend this article for suicide loss survivors during the holidays. It’s filled with suggestions and words of encouragement from other survivors. 

Carrie Schaeffer, Perinatal Bereavement Services Manager, recommends these articles as the holidays approach:

Dear Loss Mama: It’s OK to Grieve this Christmas, featured in Still Standing Magazine last December, is written for bereaved parents and normalizes the need to grieve during the holidays.

7 Ways to Help a Loss Mom Handle the Holidays, is written by a fellow loss mom, for friends and family members of someone with a perinatal loss and offers suggestions on ways to help them through the holidays.

Stacia Macklin, Full Circle Clinical Director, recommends this blog post — The Empty Chair at our Holiday Table, written by Patti DiRenzo, a mother grieving the death of her son due to overdose. This post includes insights, as well as coping strategies, and meaningful remembrance activities. 

What’s Your Grief, offers many helpful resources on grief at the holidays including these 8 tips to support a grieving friend this holiday season.

This post includes 64 diverse tips for coping with grief at the holidays. 

From The Dougy Center, this article shares ideas for parents and families navigating the holiday season while grieving. The downloadable Holiday Planning Worksheet helps families open up communication about hopes, needs, traditions, and plans around the upcoming holidays.

The Hospice Foundation of America, talks about “the 3 C’s” for coping with grief at the holidays: choose, communicate, and compromise.  

The holiday season is meant to be a happy time of year, but if you’ve lost a loved one or have memories of your time with them during this time of yearr, it can be very difficult.

If you’re dealing with the loss of a loved one, you can rewatch our Digital Dialogue featured on NBC12 on dealing with holiday grief, featuring Britt Cowart, Grief Services Director here at Full Circle and Adam Carpenter, Full Circle group participant, volunteer, and supporter.

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