Day 5

TOGETHER we create

“My name is Micah and I am 14 years old.  My family came to Full Circle because my dad died on May 31, 2015.  Full Circle’s groups have helped me to understand the loss of my loved one and realize that how I feel about it all is normal.  Others who know me have noticed that I have opened up since I started coming to Full Circle.  My favorite part of groups were the family activities.  These have helped my family to talk about our loss and how we feel.  Coming to Full Circle gave me the chance to meet other teens my age, talk about our losses, and help each other feel better when one of us was having a rough day.  The most important thing I learned at Full Circle is that I’m not alone.“ 

Creating is an essential part of growth at Full Circle.  Art and various forms of creative expression are weaved into all of our programs. Through group activities, children and teens also create friendships and learn ways to create
a more open communication with friends and family. Using creative family and group activities, we help children and teens create a more solid foundation to cope with their feelings of grief and loss. 


Thank you for considering a gift to Full Circle to help children like Micah utilize various forms of creative expression to share their feelings, discover ways to remember their loved one, and feel less alone.