Sharing your story of perinatal loss can be challenging. It feels personal, emotional, and exhausting at times (or maybe all the time). The experience is often stigmatized, leaving bereaved parents feeling isolated and lonely.

We want to acknowledge your strength amidst extreme hardship. You are resilient and your story matters. The life of your child matters, too.

Sharing your story of perinatal loss can also bring about healing and a sense of community. There is power in sharing your story. Whether it’s with one person or with millions, we encourage you to share.

If you are looking for a platform on which to do so, check out the Memory Wall on the Full Circle website.

Sometimes the first step in sharing your story is hearing other people’s stories. Here are some of our favorite sources through which you can read and share stories of grief.


Caroline Lavoie
Full Circle Grief Center Richmond, VA
Clinical Social Work Intern