Those who have experienced ‘Pregnancy After Loss’ know it is not simply a time marked by celebration and happiness. While there will probably be moments of joy and gratitude, there will also be fear, anxiety, guilt, shame, and confusion for some. A pregnancy after loss can be the longest nine months of a woman’s life.

That’s why it’s important to seek support and help during this time.

Questions that may be ever-present include:

  • Why aren’t I happy about being pregnant again?
  • How do I balance grieving the loss of my baby while celebrating this pregnancy?
  • Should I tell people I’m pregnant again?
  • How can I cope with all my anxiety?
  • How do I communicate my feelings with my partner?
  • How do I talk to my new baby about their deceased sibling?
  • How do I handle anniversaries and doctors’ appointments?

And there are many more. It all can feel overwhelming. But you can do this! You are a brave parent, and your children are lucky to be yours. We encourage you to remember that every pregnancy is different, and every loss is different. Click here to read an article titled “10 Things No one Says to an Anxious Pregnancy After Loss Mom But Probably Should”  from Pregnancy After Loss Support.

We encourage you to find positive coping mechanisms and social support systems to help you process your emotions during pregnancy. For this reason, Full Circle offers a Pregnancy After Loss (PAL) support group in January of 2020. Click here for more information regarding the PAL support group.

Caroline Lavoie
Full Circle Grief Center
Richmond, Virginia
Clinical Social Work Intern