Brandon Lovee 

Author, Actor, Lyrical artist, Activist, and Founder of B LOVEE, LLC, EVERYBODY E.A.T.S., and LOVEE TEAHC, LLC 

Brandon Lovee, also known as B. Lovee, describes himself as a “a multi-dimensional creator.” He is a well-known spoken word artist, motivational poet, hip hop artist, actor and published author with recognition on various platforms such as The Shaderoom, TEDx, and CBS6.  

He works as a youth mentor and community activist and has worked alongside numerous youth organizations in Virginia.  He is also the founder of several movements, including B LOVEE, LLC, EVERYBODY E.A.T.S., and LOVEE TEAHC, which provide the community resources for holistic and financial health, as well as sustainability.  The reported motivation behind these movements is bridging the gap that age creates through love, lyrics, passion, and community loyalty.

In January 2023, Brandon opened the Lovee Lounge in the Jackson Ward neighborhood of Richmond.  The Lovee Lounge is an herbal tea shop and wellness center that serves the community.  Nearby school children can come in before school to drink tea for anxiety and stress; Brandon only asks that customers pay what they can.  The space also offers yoga classes, a photo booth, and an area for meditation.  Brandon opened the Lovee Lounge to serve as a beacon of light for those in the community that need it.  

Looking forward, Brandon is working to become a doctor, focusing on neuropsychology and neurosurgery.  His goal is to research the diverse factors and effects of nervous system manipulation, while expanding on tools, instruments, and healing modalities dedicated to reprogramming and resetting the nervous system.

Brandon has accomplished so much and has taken on multiple titles in his 26 years on earth.  However, he reports that being a father to his baby boy, Sé Lovee, is the title that he holds closest to his heart.  Brandon not only preaches the principles and value of self-love but he practices it every day.