Allyson England Drake, M.Ed, CT

Specializes in working with children, adults, and families

Availability: Thursday, evening

Allyson has a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Virginia, Master of Counselor Education degree from Virginia Commonwealth University, and completed post-graduate work in counseling psychology, bereavement, and traumatic grief. She holds a license in School Counseling (preK-12) and she worked as an elementary school counselor for three years.

Allyson has worked with grieving children, adults, and families for 18 years, has facilitated numerous grief support groups, led organizational debriefings after a loss, and has developed curriculum for bereavement groups and remembrance programs. Her passion revolves around community bereavement education and she has presented on grief and loss at numerous professional conferences and educational trainings. Allyson founded Full Circle Grief Center in 2008 and she serves as the President and Executive Director of the organization.

Allyson has a Certification in Thanatology (CT) through the Association for Death Education and Counseling (ADEC), is a Compassionate Bereavement Care Certified Provider, and has completed the Resolve Through Sharing Bereavement Training for Perinatal Death. She also is a trainer for the Trauma and Resilience Basics Training, an educational program designed to help build trauma informed communities.

Allyson enjoys working with children and adults who are anticipating the death of a loved one or who have experienced the death of someone significant to them. She uses writing/journaling, discussion, and various forms of creative expression in her practice to help individuals explore feelings, learn healthy coping skills, discover meaning in their loss, find ways to remember or honor their loved one, and move forward in their “new normal.”