Mr. Ellery Lundy is a Richmond, Virginia native, graduating from George Wythe High School and attending J.Sargent Reynolds and John Tyler. Ellery is a retired Deputy Sheriff with 25 years of service. He has been certified in the Father Hood Initiative Program for fragile families through the Virginia Department of State Social Services. Mr. Lundy was also recently Certified in Crisis Intervention. He has also coached various sports teams and officiated games from little league to semi-pro sports. 

Ellery feels strongly about giving back to the community, and is passionate about mentoring young men, empowering them to be more productive citizens, and guiding young men towards healthy behavioral patterns. He created The Broken Men Foundation Youth Academy (BMFYA), a non-profit organization established in 2014. This division of The Broken Men Foundation has one mission – to support the youth. He serves as Founder and President of the foundation. His mission is to extend his hands to the youths and raise boys to become men. Ellery believes “just because you were broken doesn’t mean you stay broken.”

The Broken Men Foundation Youth Academy specializes in mentoring young men between the ages of 12-18. The program offers a 16-week curriculum covering a variety of topics, aimed at better understanding adolescent behavior to allow mentors to teach problem solving skills. The organization is deeply rooted in academic achievement, the establishment of social skills, self-esteem, responsibility, citizenship, and community involvement. The foundation’s ultimate goal is to make young men accountable for their actions, thus enabling them to become productive members of our community.

Ellery’s motto continues to be As the journey continues, nothing but love…”