Thank you to everyone who attended our annual {virtual} Live Your Dash Luncheon, Thursday, April 29, 2021. Live Your Dash is our largest fundraiser of the year and all proceeds and donations fund our ongoing grief support groups.

Thank You Roy for sharing your powerful message!

Former Douglas Freeman High School Parent, Roy Woolwine, father of Frankie Woolwine, will be speaking at this year’s annual {virtual} Live Your Dash Luncheon hosted by Full Circle Grief Center.

After growing up in Richmond, VA and graduating from VMI, Roy was commissioned into the US Navy and reported for duty in San Diego, CA. His tours of duty took him to many parts of the world including the Persian Gulf and the South Pacific. He later transferred to Washington D.C. where he eventually met his future wife, Paige Willwhite, who was also from Richmond.

Roy and Paige were married in 1994 and soon had two sons. Frank was born in 2000 and Robert was born in 2003. Unfortunately, their family would experience tragedy in 2007 when Paige passed away from a brain tumor, leaving Roy and his sons to rebuild their lives without her.

Five years after losing his first wife, Roy met and eventually married Emily Mumford. Emily’s four children and Roy’s two sons found themselves joined as a blended family in a real-life “Brady Bunch” scenario. Roy felt his life was finally back on track again.

But once again, tragedy struck when Frank was killed in a single car accident at the age of 16 while driving under the influence of alcohol. He had a promising career ahead of him as both a football and lacrosse player, but those dreams were shattered in seconds.

Rather than allowing this loss to define him, Roy bravely took steps to establish The Frankie Woolwine Story Foundation with a mission to help kids stop and “think” before making a fatal decision.

His goal is to stop accidents like Frank’s from happening and his story is a powerful testimony how one person’s actions can save the lives of many.

Congratulations to our 2021 Live Your Dash Award Recipients!

As part of our virtual luncheon, we’ll be creating a beautiful art piece as in previous years, that will be displayed prominently in our center. Attendees and supporters will have the opportunity to give us names to be included in the art display.