Paige Wilson

Founder and CEO of Naborforce 

Paige is a graduate of the University of Virginia and a Richmond native.  Prior to founding Naborforce, Paige spent most of her career in the large corporate arena, holding senior positions at a number of large public companies.  After struggling with the demands of caring for her aging mother, Paige left corporate America to become an entrepreneur. In 2018, she founded Naborforce, a platform connecting older adults and their families to a network of purpose-driven community members for on-demand assistance.  

Paige’s mother, Joy, is the inspiration for Naborforce which exists to bring “joy” to older adults. “Nabors,” those who assist seniors, help them perform tasks in their homes, work on projects, engage in hobbies, get to their appointments, and more. Often, it is just about Nabors and seniors spending time together.  

Paige notes that the most beautiful part of Naborforce is that “Nabors get every bit as much out of the interactions as the seniors themselves.”  Nabors are a vibrant mix of empty-nesters, retirees, and fellow community members eager to lend a hand and foster neighborly connections. 72 percent of Nabors are over 50 years old and, at the end of 2023, Naborforce introduced a Golden Intern Program to bring seniors into the company for paid internships.  Naborforce is both addressing the growing family caregiver shortage and combating loneliness, which has become a public health crisis in the wake of COVID-19. Since its founding, Naborforce has served thousands throughout the Richmond area and has continued to grow.  Naborforce now exits in 10 cities throughout the Southeast and Texas. 

In addition to being Founder and CEO of Naborforce, Paige is an active leader in the aging space.  She serves on the Virginia Commonwealth Council on Aging (a gubernatorial appointment); she is a member of the Richmond Alzheimer’s Association Corporate Leadership Team; has testified to the sub-committee of the US Senate Committee on Aging; and she has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal as well as other publications. Paige is also active in the local startup ecosystem, supporting women and serving as a mentor.  On a personal note, Paige also has one daughter and one very large golden retriever.