Holidays can often trigger powerful emotions and memories of our loved ones who have died, no matter how much time has passed.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day can be particularly difficult for those whose mom or dad is no longer with us, as they are painful reminders of what we’ve lost. We know this season can be hard for those who have experienced the death of a parent or grandparent, for parents who have lost children, or even those who are grieving alongside someone experiencing one of these great losses. It’s a time that can leave us feeling sad and lonely and unsure as to how to best support the ones we love who are grieving.

The Remembrance Garden

This year, we invite you to celebrate the special memories you shared with your loved ones and honor those you’ve lost with a contribution for Full Circle’s Remembrance Garden. The Remembrance Garden is a rock garden filled with tributes to your loved ones. The bright colors and names of loved ones are a reminder of hope and healing. And, it’s yet another way their memory can live on.

Each hand-painted rock is a $25 donation and will be personalized for your loved one and 100% of those donations will directly fund our ongoing grief support groups: Perinatal Loss, Suicide Loss, Overdose Loss, Hands on Healing family groups, and our Journeying Through Grief groups, all facilitated by licensed, experienced professionals here at Full Circle.

How does it work?

  • Purchase a rock for a $25 donation
  • Volunteers and community members will paint a rock for your loved one
  • 100% of your donations will fund our grief support groups
  • The garden is located at our grief center in Richmond, VA, outside of our group space (Building 101)