Stacia Lee Macklin, LCSW

Specializes in working with adults

Availability: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, daytime

Stacia has over 20 years of experience providing counseling to children, adults, and families who have experienced loss, change, trauma or adversity.  Stacia has a Bachelor of Arts degree from James Madison University and a Master of Social Work degree from University of Buffalo, the State University of New York. She has been licensed by the Academy of Certified Social Workers (ACSW) since 1997 and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) since 1998.

Through strength-based and culturally sensitive approaches, Stacia actively supports others during their grief journeys.  She often utilizes solution-focused and family systems approaches when serving both individuals and families.  Stacia assists parents as they raise grieving children while also grieving themselves.  She supports these parents and caregivers in exploring grief across developmental stages, identifying strategies for improving parent-child communication, and finding time for self-care and self-reflection.  Stacia appreciates the unique challenges that multigenerational and extended families may face on their grief journeys.  This includes grandparents and extended family members who are now raising their loved one’s children following the loss, as well as adult children who now care for their parents.  Stacia previously led a young adult grief support group and has experience helping young adults aged 18-25 process their grief during this critical stage in their lives.  Other areas of professional experience and interest include:  overdose loss, suicide loss, anticipatory grief, and caregiver grief.