October is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month. At Full Circle, we recognize the unique grief of individuals who have experienced these types of losses. We are honored to play a role in these families’ stories, and we strive to offer ongoing support. We honor the lives of these children and find hope in keeping their memories alive.

Pregnancy loss can be confusing, unexpected, and traumatic. It can alter the way we view our bodies, and flood our head with guilt and shame. It can become overwhelming to think about moving forward in grief. Be reminded that moving forward does not mean forgetting about your child,but integrating their life and legacy into yours.

Click here to read about finding meaning while grieving a pregnancy loss. Here, you can also find ways to support an individual grieving the loss of a pregnancy.

To those who are grieving: Your feelings are fair, valid and honored. Your loss was significant, just like any loss. We honor your role as a parent, and speak hope to your future.

Caroline Lavoie
Full Circle Grief Center Richmond, Virginia
Clinical Social Work Intern