In the last month, the world has faced feelings of isolation and grief with the COVID-19 crisis. Our way of life has changed dramatically, our routines have been altered, and our sense of safety has been challenged. 

Because SO many in the world are grieving — often in new and unexpected ways — our community needs Full Circle’s expertise more than ever.

We are here to serve our community, adapt our business model to meet the changing environment, and connect with those who need us most.  We are trained professionals in grief and loss and are working hard to respond during this crisis. 

To give you a glimpse, in the last month, we have:

  • Held over 100 telehealth sessions with individual counseling clients
  • Registered new adults and children into our individual counseling practice
  • Created and released important resources here on our website for coping with change, grief, and isolation 
  • Checked in with our existing clients to understand how we can offer support
  • Held our Suicide Loss and Overdose Loss groups virtually

We will continue to SERVE, ADAPT, and CONNECT with our community by:

  • Holding support groups and individual counseling sessions virtually 
  • Expanding our Individual Counseling practice throughout Central Virginia 
  • Starting a weekly Parent & Caregiver virtual support group  
  • Consistently providing useful information and helpful resources on our website
  • Prioritizing clinical case management so our past group members feel supported and cared for during these isolating times 
  • Offering weekly, virtual “Conversations About Grief” programs

Please let us know if you have questions or would like more information about what we are doing as an organization to respond to the COVID-19 crisis.

Many people have reached out to ask how to help Full Circle and the families we serve right now.

We need your support today in raising $5,000 to help bridge the gap in lost funding from our annual luncheon. This will ensure Full Circle can respond to the growing needs in our community. 

Please consider making a donation (one-time or recurring) and sharing with your friends and family.

You make it possible for us to continue serving, adapting, and connecting with our community during these uncertain times.  We hold you and your family’s health in our thoughts. Thank you for supporting us and believing in our mission. 

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