Holidays can often spark powerful emotions and yearning for our loved ones who are no longer with us. We know Valentine’s Day can be particularly difficult, as it’s a holiday that emphasizes romance, love, and togetherness. But it can also be a meaningful opportunity to celebrate your relationships and the special memories you share.

During the month of February, we offer Hearts of Remembrance, a collection of special valentines that will be placed together to create a beautiful piece of art. The collective artwork will be displayed in our Center to honor and remember your special loved ones. 

For $25.00, you can purchase a special valentine card or “love note” in honor of your loved one, which will be handwritten by volunteers and displayed with others. These valentines can also include just the name of your loved one if a brief message is not desired to be included. Each valentine will be personalized with loved one’s names and 100% of donations directly support all our ongoing grief support groups.

We understand that Valentine’s Day can be challenging, as we grieve deeply because we love deeply.  We hope that through Hearts of Remembrance, Valentine’s Day can be a special time of remembrance and an opportunity to reflect on the love you shared with those you miss dearly.